Eastern Health has an evolving and exciting Paediatric Service. We have commitment to developing and growing our service and developing a broad range of experiences for our training doctors. We span three campuses and offer a large variety of experiences. There is a 16-bed paediatric ward at Box Hill, and two short stay units (4-12 beds) attached to the Emergency Departments at Angliss and Maroondah Hospitals respectively. The nurseries are level 4 at Box Hill and level 3 at Angliss Hospital and have 12 and 8 beds respectively. There are multiple general and specialist paediatric outpatient clinics, where registrars are supervised by paediatric consultants. Clinics include General Paediatrics, Eating Disorder, Paediatric Neurology, Developmental Assessment, Paediatric Allergy and Paediatric Dermatology. The team is led by the Director of Paediatrics.

Eastern Health paediatric rotations include:

  • HMO2 and HMO3 rotations (GP and General stream)
  • Paediatric registrar positions (Box Hill Hospital & Angliss Hospital)
  • Secondment position for registrars to Monash Newborn (6 months)
  • Secondment position for registrars to Eastern Child Youth Mental Health service (6 months)

We provide paediatric trainees with:

  • Accreditation for advanced training for General Paediatrics with Perinatal (6 months each) at both Box Hill and Angliss Hospitals
  • Accreditation for 6 months basic training at Box Hill (registrars are assigned via VBTP)
  • Broad clinical experience including outpatients, neonates and management of patients with eating disorders
  • Experience in the management of paediatric patients in the ED by encouraging interaction by encouraging interaction
  • Varied patient case mix
  • Paediatric medical education program for both registrars and HMOs
  • Registrars will all have non-clinical portfolios

Education opportunities include a full orientation day programme (including practical resuscitation training, sick child identification, child protection), formal registrar teaching sessions (including exam preparation), teaching ward rounds, audit and case reviews, multidisciplinary practical training (simulation based for neonatal and paediatric resuscitation), small group skills sessions, radiology meetings. In addition, there are weekly departmental meetings rotating through mortality and morbidity meetings, to professional education, clinical review and business meetings.

Our junior medical staff are all assigned both supervisor and mentor to help focus on the overall well-being and support of the junior team member, together with providing supervision and feedback. Eastern Health paediatrics is undergoing a number of changes to respond to the increasing demands we are facing. This is supported by the development of a Paediatric Service Plan that will look to the future and the requirements of the service we provide. We are in the process of increasing our capacity and the acuity of the patients we manage in the paediatric ward and short stay units, and special care nurseries. Our eating disorder service is well developed with a dedicated team that integrates well with the main paediatric team. This is an exciting time to join the team as there is opportunity to have input in to the changes and developments made.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Andrew Hardy (Paediatric Training Supervisor) [email protected]

Dr Alice Fang (Clinical Lead Neonatal Medicine) [email protected]

Additional information on becoming a paediatrician may be found at:

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians