Intensive Care Information for prospective trainees:

Supported Independence

Eastern Health is an excellent place to train in ICU, especially for those in the early to middle stages of training. Trainees receive a first class level of supervision and mentorship. Trainees are entrusted the freedom to make clinical decisions, with a very supportive team of intensivists always at their back.

Clinical Exposure

Our ICUs see a high proportion of patients with complex, multisystem disease. Box Hill ICU is the second buisiest ECMO center in Victoria.

Education Program

We host 4 hour highly attended and reviewed teaching sessions every week. These sessions include simulation training at least once per month.

Primary School

Primary School is an intensivist lead weekly primary study group that runs every week in addition to the general education. At Primary School preparing candidates answer short answer questions under exam conditions and have them individually marked by an intensivist.


There are two high level ultrasound qualified intensivists and a dedicated Echo educator on staff to help you develop your ultrasound skills.

Beyond ICU

Beyond ICU is an active peer-to-peer support service that trainees are rostered to attend to give a crucial insight into the challenges patients experience during and after a critical illness.


Every effort will be made to arrange terms in anaesthetics, longitudinal and acute medicine as required for training. Even rural training in medicine is available for those that need to meet the college’s rural time requirement. Subject to appropriate performance reviews, successful applicants will have the option to continue within Eastern Health for a further two years.


Rosters provide good clinical continuity and opportunity for rest. We are so dedicated to supporting your professional development that we include paid non-clinical days in the registrar roster to help you find the time for research and quality improvement projects.