The Eastern Health Language Services Department provides interpreting and translation services to all sites.

Interpreting and translation services are free of charge. Patients who have difficulties communicating in English are entitled to a certified interpreter. It is your right to request a certified interpreter to assist with your communication needs with staff as an inpatient or outpatient.

Eastern Health does not encourage the use of children under 18 years, family members/friends or carers to act as interpreters in any healthcare conversation. The role of family, carers and other support persons in advocating for and supporting a client is valued and understood as separate from the role of a certified interpreter.

Telephone interpreters are used for some appointments with patients and can also be accessed for after-hours calls, emergencies, or if an on-site interpreter is unavailable. Please note that in some languages in which there are a limited number of certified interpreters, telephone interpreting may be the only option available. The telephone interpreting service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 9605 3056

Our interpreters are NAATI certified professional interpreters (the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) and provide independent, unbiased, confidential, complete and accurate interpreting for both parties.

  • NAATI certified interpreters are provided free of charge to CALD consumers;
  • who request an interpreter,
  • who prefer to speak a language other than English,
  • who are unable to have everyday conversations in English,
  • who are able to have everyday conversations but are not able to discuss clinical issues in English, and
  • when staff need an interpreter to ensure effective communication.
  • Auslan interpreters can be provided to all consumers who are Deaf.

It is important to have an interpreter particularly when:

  • You do not understand what staff are saying to you
  • You do not understand anything you are required to sign
  • It would be easier to communicate with staff in your main language

It is your responsibility to inform staff if you are unable to attend an appointment as soon as possible, in case an interpreter has been booked.

Staff will identify the need for an interpreter, but if this has not happened, do not hesitate to ask for this support at any point in your care.

I Speak – Find Your Language Chart (PDF, 238KB)

Cue Cards

The cue cards are an award winning resource developed by Eastern Health Language Services to assist health professionals, clients and carers who primarily have English language difficulties, or problems communicating with each other.

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