The configuration of health services at Eastern Health has served the community and the people of Eastern Health well for many years.  But times are changing and the services at Eastern Health must also change to keep up with rising community expectations, increases in chronic disease within the community and advances being made through evidence-based practice and modern medicine.

Eastern Health 2022 – the Strategic Clinical Service Plan 2012-22 – responds to these changes by considering the service, activity and physical profile that will be required to ensure equity of access  to health services for people in Melbourne’s east by providing care for our community at the right time and in the right place.

As the full plan is very comprehensive, we have produced a short DVD and other materials that feature some highlights of Eastern Health 2022.

We acknowledge and thank the hundreds of people who have been involved in the development of Eastern Health 2022. Their experience, expertise and wisdom have been invaluable in the identification of innovative strategies which will ensure Eastern Health continues to serve the health needs of people in the east over the next decade.

A key element to Eastern Health 2022 is the flexibility to continue to adapt to future changes and trends. We will continue to review and consult with our communities throughout the life time of the plan.

Click here to view: Eastern Health 2022 – The Strategic Clinical Service Plan 2012-2022

Click here to view: Disability Action Plan (PDF 700K)

An open letter to the Healesville and Yarra Ranges communities