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Provide your feedback directly to Eastern Health

We welcome and encourage patients and their families to give us feedback about their experiences.

Your feedback might be:

  • a suggestion about an improvement,
  • a compliment about a staff member or service,
  • a complaint or concern about care provided,
  • about our consumer Information,
  • about the website

Your feedback is important to us and helps us know what we are doing well and where we need to improve. All feedback is passed on to the relevant manager for follow up.

You can provide feedback in different ways:

  • Talking to the staff (healthcare team or the manager of the area) caring for you is the best strategy in the first instance, however you can also
  • Complete a feedback form online
  • Anonymously publish your  story with the community on the online public platform Patient Opinion. Patient Opinion is a service whose aim is to improve the quality of patient experience through dialogue between patients/carers and their health service organisation. Note this is not an Eastern Health website, but the Eastern Health CEO responds to stories published on this external online website.
  • Complete a paper feedback form. These are located in most patient areas or you can ask staff to provide you with a copy.
  • Contact our Patient Relations Advisors by phone on 1800 EASTERN (1800 327 837) or (03) 8804 0466 to discuss your concerns. They are available Monday to Friday from 9am – 3pm (apart from public Holidays). If you call and staff are not available, you may leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.
  • Send an email to
  • Write to us at the Centre for Patient Experience, Wantirna Health, PO Box 5177, Wantirna South 3152

Provide feedback in another language

  • Request an interpreter and speak to your healthcare team about your feedback
  • Call Language Services on (03) 9981 2736 to arrange to speak to the Patient Relations Advisors with an interpreter during business hours
    You may write to us via letter or email in your preferred language and we will arrange for this to be translated at no charge to you. You may also submit feedback in your preferred language.

Πώς να κάνετε σχόλια σε άλλη γλώσσα

  • Ζητήστε διερμηνέα και συζητήστε τα σχόλιά σας με την ομάδα της υγειονομικής σας περίθαλψης.
  • Καλέστε τις Γλωσσικές Υπηρεσίες στο (03) 9981 2736 για να κανονίσετε να μιλήσετε μέσω διερμηνέα, κατά τις εργάσιμες ώρες, με Σύμβουλο Σχέσεων Ασθενών.
  • Μπορείτε να μας στείλετε γράμμα ή μήνυμα με ηλεκτρονικό ταχυδρομείο, στη γλώσσα που προτιμάτε, και εμείς θα φροντίσουμε για τη μετάφρασή του χωρίς καμία χρέωση για σας. Μπορείτε επίσης να κάνετε τα σχόλιά σας μέσω του διαδικτύου στη γλώσσα που προτιμάτε.


  1. 向医院要求口译服务, 跟医护人员反馈您的建议。
  2. 在办公时间内,拨打医院的翻译办公室电话 (03)9981 2736,要求通过口译员的协助
    安排与病患关系协调员(Patient Relations Advisors)的通话或面谈。
  3. 您可以用中文写信或电子邮件给我们,我们会将其翻译成英文,您不需为此支付任何

 Đóng góp ý kiến bằng ngôn ngữ khác

  • Yêu cầu có thông dịch viên và nói chuyện với đội ngũ chăm sóc sức khoẻ về ý kiến đóng góp của quý vị
  • Gọi điện thoại cho Dịch vụ Ngôn ngữ qua số (03) 9981 2736 để yêu cầu được nói chuyện với Cố vấn Quan hệ Bệnh nhân có thông dịch viên trong giờ làm việc
  • Quý vị có thể viết thư hoặc thư điện tử (email) bằng ngôn ngữ quý vị thông thạo rồi gửi đến cho chúng tôi và chúng tôi sẽ sắp xếp dịch thư hoặc thư điện tử này mà quý vị không phải trả chi phí. Quý vị cũng có thể gửi ý kiến đóng góp qua mạng Internet (trực tuyến) bằng ngôn ngữ quý vị thông thạo.

Do you want to give us your feedback?

Use our feedback form to let us know what you think.

Your feedback helps us know what we are doing well and where we need to improve.

As your health and wellbeing is important to us, please do not use this form to ask medical questions. Contact your local doctor or present to your nearest Emergency Department. In an emergency, call 000.