Why do we value partnership with consumers and carers?

Consumer representatives bring a unique perspective to Eastern Health.  We need to know what is important to our community in order to help make Eastern Health a health service that meets the community’s needs.  Consumer representatives can draw on their own experience of many things:

  • a health condition they are affected by
  • their experience of using a health service
  • their experience as a carer, family member or friend of a health service consumer
  • their participation within the local community

Eastern Health has adopted the following definitions, based predominantly on the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services’ Doing it with us not for us policy (2006):

Consumer Representative People from a range of diverse backgrounds who undertake a range of tasks for no monetary gain by providing the patient, family and carer perspective; contributing patient experiences; or advocating for the interests of current and potential service users from diverse backgrounds. They may be a past, present or future patient or patient’s family member, friend or carer or a member of the community who has taken up a specific role to speak on behalf of patients with the overall aim of improving health care.
Carer refers to families and friends providing unpaid care to consumers.
Community refers to groups of people who have interests in the development of an accessible, effective and efficient health service that best meets their needs.
Participation the meaningful involvement of consumers, carers and community members in decision-making about health policy and planning, care and treatment, and the wellbeing of themselves and the community. Participation involves having a say, thinking about why others believe what they believe, and listening to the views and ideas of others. There are five types of participation: information; consultation; partnership; delegation and control.

Join our Consumer Representative Register

Join Eastern Health’s Consumer Register and feel the pride and satisfaction that comes from sharing your unique life knowledge to partner with us as we build a health service that is ‘healthier together”.

The Consumer Representative Register is made up of a large group of consumer representatives (consumers, carers and/or community members) who volunteer their time to share their experiences and become active partners in design, planning and evaluation of Eastern Health’s services.  Consumer representatives can choose how and when they want to participate with participation ranging from consultation via email, a one off interview, or ongoing commitment to be part of an Eastern Health Committee. Other activities consumer representative may be involved with include co-design of services, working groups for projects or focus groups to help us improve a specific service or way we provide care.

Whichever way you choose to help, we value your contribution as we work together for a healthier future.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the Consumer Representative Register, please complete the online expression of interest.

Eastern Health Community Advisory Committee

Our Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC) is a sub-committee of the Eastern Health Board and serves as a key means of ensuring community participation occurs at Eastern Health.

Community Participation Plan

To ensure that Eastern Health involves consumers, carers and community members in as many ways as possible we have developed a Community Participation Plan entitled Partnering with our Consumers, Carers & Community.

You can access the plan via the links below and read our annual progress reports

Supporting and Celebrating our Diverse Community