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This form helps us assess the status of your general health, medical history and your pregnancy to determine the most appropriate hospital for your antenatal care and baby’s birth.

Eastern Health provides birthing services at two sites – Angliss Hospital and Box Hill Hospital. Eastern Health will decide which hospital you attend based on your clinical needs, the hospital’s capacity to accommodate your booking and your residential address.

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Angliss Hospital Maternity Service

Box Hill Hospital Maternity Service

Eastern Health maternity services offers a variety of pregnancy care options at each of the Eastern Health hospitals. Our team of doctors and midwives provide a high level of care and expertise to support you throughout your pregnancy and birth.

Care options vary and are dependant on your general health and individual needs. Your pregnancy care options will be discussed in detail with you at your first appointment.

Midwife care is aimed at the majority of women who have had no past history of major health or obstetric complications and who remain well throughout their pregnancy.

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Midwifery Group Practice

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Shared maternity care means that during your pregnancy most of the care will be provided by your general practioner.

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A private obstetrician will care for you during your pregnancy and will attend your baby's birth.

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What to do if your pregnacy becomes more complex.

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The Green Collaborative Maternity Care Pathway is a defined pathway of care for women with no medical or obstetric problems and with an uncomplicated pregnancy. It has been developed to enable women to make informed decisions about their maternity care by ensuring they are given reliable information about all their options.

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