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This form helps us assess the status of your general health, medical history and your pregnancy to determine the most appropriate hospital for your antenatal care and baby’s birth.

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Most women experience a normal pregnancy and childbirth, however it is still important that your health is checked regularly.

If you have questions, we recommend that you write them down and bring it with you to your appointment.

Pregnancy care options

Information for overseas visitors considering care during pregnancy and birth at Eastern Health

Maternity Services in the Yarra Ranges

The unborn baby spends around 38 weeks in the uterus, but the average length of pregnancy is counted as 40 weeks...

What you need to do, pregnancy care options, what tests you'll need, your maternity record and online booking

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The eyelids are fused over the fully developed eyes. The baby now has taste buds...

Hospital tours, childbirth education clases, some things to think about during pregnancy and your wellbeing

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The baby is around 51cm in length and ready to be born. It is thought that the baby secretes hormones that trigger the onset of labour...

Preparing your birth plan, what to bring to hospital, preparing for your hospital stay

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