The Allied Health Clinical Research Office established in 2006 as a joint initiative between Eastern Health and La Trobe University, aims to strengthen the evidence base of allied health practice through undertaking, mentoring and facilitating clinical research projects, and promoting a research culture within allied health at Eastern Health. The activities of the research office are led by Professor Nick Taylor, Dr Katherine Harding and Dr Judi Porter, and guided by the Allied Health Research Committee, which has representatives from programs, allied health disciplines and our research active clinicians.

Since its inception with a single professorial appointment, the Allied Health Clinical Research Office has grown to become an active centre for allied health research, fostering collaborations between local and international universities, providing training to more than 15 PhD students and attracting competitive research funding.

The key activities of the Allied Health Research Office include:

  • conducting and facilitating research projects within allied health
  • promoting research among allied health clinicians and the broader community
  • providing research education and support to allied health clinicians
  • encouraging dissemination of research findings and translation of allied health research into practice
  • co-ordination and advocacy for allied health research at Eastern Health.

Further information about our team, research activities and collaborations.