At Eastern Health we appreciate during the time of admission to hospital feelings of unease and uncertainty can arise within us, we may become vulnerable and our ability to cope as we usually would can be diminished. This can be overwhelming and may challenge us to our core and unsettle our sense of what gives us meaning and purpose.

This feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability is not just reflected in the physical condition, but also in the emotional and spiritual journey. The Spiritual care team is here to support you in these significant times of transition, illness, grief or loss.

When in hospital, you may start thinking more deeply about your life and what is important to you. You may just like to share your experience with another person. When you share your story and feel that you are being respectfully listened to and heard, this can bring great relief, ease the burden of illness, and help you cope with your situation differently.

Our Eastern Health Spiritual care team is available to accompany you through your patient journey at any point of your admission. As an integrated part of our healthcare team, Spiritual care professionals offer a unique service that attends to the needs of the human spirit, that fundamental part of ourselves that permeates our overall health and well-being and integrates all other physical and mental dimensions of health.

The Eastern Health Spiritual Care team recognises and supports our patients’ holistic needs, including cultural, physical, emotional, spiritual, religious and general well-being needs of all people and supports them in context.

Spiritual care acknowledges and supports those patients that draw strength and support from their religious traditions and faith or none.

The Spiritual Care team members liaise with ministers and representatives from a diverse and broad range of faith traditions and can facilitate connection for specific sacraments, rituals and faith needs as requested.

Spiritual – Pastoral services:

  • Listen to you with compassion and empathy
  • Accompany you through your admission journey and extend a non-anxious presence
  • Assist you in identifying that which gives you a sense of strength, hope meaning and purpose
  • Connect you with your Spiritual or faith representatives if requested
  • Provide emotional, spiritual, pastoral and well-being support to your family, carers and loved ones
  • Make a referral to other services as appropriate if requested
  • Offer a respectful and inclusive professional and confidential service to all people

Our team is available at Angliss, Box Hill, Maroondah, Peter James Centre and Wantirna Health.

Whilst at Eastern Health you are invited to use our Spiritual care service by asking any staff member to arrange a visit from a Spiritual care practitioner, or by calling us.

Contact Business hours:

Angliss Hospital:  0403 146 780

Box Hill Hospital: 0437 003 719

Maroondah Hospital: 0466 926 281

Peter James Centre: 0466 534 658

Wantirna Health: 0491 023 568

After Hours:

EH Contact Centre: 1300 342 255

Hours 9am to 5pm