Spectrum was established as a statewide service in 1999.  Spectrum supports the work of Victorian Area Mental Health Services to provide treatment and support for people with personality disorder and complex trauma. Spectrum offers direct treatment to people who are at risk of serious self-harm or suicide and who have particularly complex needs. Spectrum conducts collaborative and translational research that contributes to the worldwide evidence base for excellence in treatment, with a particular focus on Borderline Personality Disorder and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Spectrum leads projects across a collaborative network of Victorian hospitals and universities, conducting innovative community mental health sector initiatives and supervising higher degree research student projects.

Spectrum has a dedicated research team as well as research-active clinical staff. Examples of current and planned research activities include:

  • Epidemiological studies assessing crisis service responses to personality disorder-related presentations
  • Clinical trials evaluating the safety and efficacy of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy
  • Innovating and evaluating psychotherapeutic interventions suited to community mental health settings
  • Adaptation and evaluation of specialist psychotherapies to treat complex-PTSD
  • Providing research education opportunities to registrars and visiting clinicians
  • Dissemination of research activities through conference presentations and publications

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