GP Referral Templates


Importing templates into Medical Director and Best Practice - Information for Practices

Do not open the templates in Microsoft Word prior to importing them into the clinical software as this can alter the template fields. Save the template onto the desktop in the RTF format.

Medical Director

  • Open Medical Director and open letter writer
  • Click File menu
  • Select Modify Template
  • Select Blank template
  • Click File  Select Import
  • Browse to the desktop file then open
  • Click File, Select: Save as template.
  • Name the template and save

Best Practice

  • Open Best Practice and open word processor
    Click on templates
  • Import template
  • Browse to the Desktop to locate the template then open
  • Open a New Letter and click Import templates from the Templates menu.
  • Locate downloaded file and open
  • Click File menu select Save as.
  • Name the template and tick available to all users
  • Save