The skin is the outer layer of the body and is the body’s largest organ. Intact skin (not damaged) is regarded as the body’s first line of defence against fluid being lost from the body and foreign objects getting in.

The natural oils in our skin are reduced with aging. When this happens drying can occur, causing irritated, itchy, rough or flaky skin. Soaps, fragranced creams and talcum powder can also dry skin. Dry and damaged skin provides an easy entrance for bacteria which can cause infection.

It is important to care for your skin to maintain the skins barrier function and prevent infection. It is also important to drink an adequate amount of fluid and have a balanced diet for general health and healing of skin.

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Pressure Injuries – Move, Move, Move

It is important to manage pressure ulcers, also referred to as bed sores or pressure injuries, which are areas of skin that have been damaged due to unrelieved pressure. To find out more about how you can help prevent and care for pressure ulcers in your language, access the Move , Move, Move fact sheets available in: