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Triage is the central point of contact for all of Eastern Health Mental Health Services including Aged Persons Mental Health Service (APMHS) and is provided 24 hours a day.  The APMHS is part of the Eastern Health Mental Health Program which offers a range of specialist mental health services to people aged 65 and over who reside in the municipalities of Whitehorse, Manningham, Monash (part of), Knox, Maroondah and the Yarra Ranges

Triage enquires for the APMHS can be made between the hours of 9.00am – 4:30pm (Monday to Friday) on 1300 721 927. This component of the service is managed by the APMHS Access Team and outside of these hours is managed by the Mental Health Program.

Each enquiry is taken by a triage clinician who will then forward to the relevant service with the APMHS to offer support and / or treatment.  Services from the APMHS may be provided in the home, outpatient clinics or hospital.

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When a referral is accepted for a mental health assessment the person or their next of kin will be contacted by a mental health clinician to organise an assessment. This is usually conducted by a clinician and doctor to assess the needs and supports of the person and family/ carer.  Following the assessment and in collaboration with the person and family/carer a recommendation will be made for an appropriate treatment/service either by the APMHS or by an alternative community service.

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South ward is a 30 bed acute hospital ward for persons 65 years and over requiring inpatient mental health specialised care.  During the admission to South Ward members of the multi disciplinary team will work with the person and family/ carer to develop recovery goals, review treatment and discuss discharge plans.

South Ward also employ Peer Workers who have a lived experience as either a person who has used or cared for someone in the mental health service.  Peer workers work with the treating team to support to the person and their family/ carers in the lead up to discharge from South Ward.

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Following a mental health assessment or during a hospital admission a recommendation may be made for the person to be accepted into the APMHS Community team who will support the person, family/ carer or community support (e.g. GP, private psychiatrist, peer worker) during the persons recovery while in their (or returning to their) own environment.  The length of time and intensity of support is dependant on the person’s individual needs.

The APMHS Community Team utilises a collaborative approach and engages the person, carer/ family and or community support by offering reviews of treatment and recovery plans to support the person’s recovery.

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The APMHS has two specialist residential care facilities for people with challenging behaviours that may need longer term treatment and specialised mental health care. While these facilities are classified as nursing homes they are not permanent stay units.

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The APMHS offers opportunities for families and carers to be linked to appropriate carer and support groups.  The groups offer an opportunity for families and carers to meet, learn and support each other.  The APMHS has a Carer Consultant who can be contacted through South Ward.

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Consultation Liasion  is offered by the Aged Persons Mental Health Service  Psychiatrists to non-mental health wards in Peter James Centre and Wantirna Health.

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Aged Persons Mental Health Service offers consultation and education to other services and groups on request. There may be a fee for this service in certain circumstances.