The purpose of a Planned Activity Group (PAG) is to engage people in meaningful group social activities which draw on personal strengths, build capacity, encourage independence and involve them in their community. The positive, supported environment provides social and respite opportunities for participants and their carers to prolong independent community living. The groups are designed for younger and older, frail and disabled clients (HACC eligible).

Yarra Valley Community Health provides four “Out and About” Planned Activity Groups where participants are picked up by staff from their homes and taken out for an excursion for the day, as well as one centre based Planned Activity Group for clients who are not able to join in on the excursions. The programs are facilitated by staff with a minimum qualification of Certificate III Aged Care. Staff may provide limited assistance to individuals with general activities of daily living, such as eating, personal hygiene and mobility.

Participants do need a minimal level of independence with mobility, and need to be able to cope within a group setting where the choice of activities may involve short excursions. The progress and care of all participants within our programs is planned and monitored with family, carers and supporting teams.

This program is supported by financial assistance from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments.

Priority is given to health care card and pension card holders, as well as low income earners. Priority is given to residents of the Yarra Valley.
Client must be living at home to be eligible (residents of aged care facilities are not eligible)

No, you can self refer.

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