The Outer East Community Care Unit provides a residential setting which features a highly structured and supportive physical environment with very high levels of contact with staff who will work with consumers and carers to promote self-determination / empowerment and enable progress towards reaching personal recovery goals.

The unit operates under a recovery-oriented model of care, utilising the Framework for recovery-oriented practice, in a collaborative, team based environment.

The unit’s recovery program offers a consumer-centered treatment approach within a community based setting to assist consumers in achieving their personal recovery goals and maintain wellness.

On site group activities may include:

  • Social skills development
  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Mental Health wellbeing education

Consumers accepted into the Outer East Community Care Unit recovery program may participate in a comprehensive on site assessment which includes evaluation of their physical and mental wellbeing, living skills, and cognitive abilities.

The assessment process incorporates:

  • Evaluation of personal abilities (strengths) and areas of difficulty
  • Identification of future personal goals (things you want to do or would like to achieve)
  • Assessment of current mental health and existing treatments including medication
  • Identification of the needs and goals of family members and issues/concerns that are currently affecting the family
  • Neuropsychological assessment which involves looking at memory, thought processing, concentration attention
  • An Occupational Therapy assessment which involves looking at daily living skills and engagement in meaningful activities
  • Consumers are encouraged to seek general physical health, dental and optical checks

Consumers are entitled to respect for their privacy and dignity, including valuing a consumer’s individual lived experience. Consumers are able to expect that clinicians will foster hope and optimism while supporting a consumer’s individual recovery journey.

This unit provides services to the municipalities of Whitehorse (East of Springvale Road), Maroondah, Yarra Ranges and Knox.

4 Bona Street, Ringwood East

P (03) 9871 3921


By appointment only