Northside Public Sector Residential Aged Care Service (PSRACS) is a fully accredited specialised aged care facility located in Burwood East on the Peter James campus.

Northside (PSRACS) is a secure, transitional care facility for people over 65 years who require nursing home care but cannot access mainstream nursing home due to identified behavioural disturbances associated with mental health needs.

Our collaborative multidisciplinary team, comprising of Division 1 and endorsed enrolled nurses, doctors, social workers, allied health and divisional therapists, provides holistic care to residents referred to our service from the Aged Person Mental Health Inpatient Unit (South Ward, located at the Peter James Centre).

Residents remain at the facility until the original behavioural problems have resolved through management and treatment or their physical health has deteriorated to a point where their needs will be better met in a mainstream facility.

Residents are welcomed into a home-like environment where their independence, maintenance of friendships and participation in the local community is encouraged. An open door philosophy exists for family and friends to visit.


Cnr. Mahoneys Road & Burwood Highway, Burwood East 3151
P: 8804 2732 F: 8804 2736
Open visiting hours