A supported playgroup for young parents living the Yarra Valley. This playgroup is a group for parents who meet regularly to participate with their children in activities focusing on their child’s development. Semi-structured, but in a relaxed atmosphere. Opportunity for parents to guide & plan activities.

The children, together with their parent and other children, will have the opportunity to:

• Play games
• Share time
• Create things
• Participate in singing and music sessions
• Try out new ideas
• Practice skills
• YR mobile library attends every second week
• Have fun!

Healesville Playgroup


The Child & Family Centre, Vimy Ridge, Healesville


10:00am – 12:00pm


(during school terms)

Available to all young parents living in the Yarra Valley Region, particularly around Healesville.

No referral required. Call Ph: 1300 342 255 for more information and enrolment into the group.


The program is supported by community development workers with many years of experience working with groups and young parents.