The Eastern Health Clinical Haematology service provides specialist medical care assessment, investigation and management of patients with general, thrombosis, and malignant haematology conditions. The Haematology unit comprises of 15 haematology consultants and of 5 clinical, laboratory and clinical trials trainees.

The Haematology service has inpatient including autologous blood stem cell transplant and outpatient care for all haematology malignant (acute and chronic leukemias, myeloma, lymphoma, myeloproliferative) and non-malignant (haemostasis thrombosis, aplastic anemia, transfusion related) blood diseases. It also leads the Victorian and Tasmanian Amyloidosis Service (VTAS) receiving state and interstate cases of amyloidoisis for consultation and treatment.

The Clinical Haematology unit has disease specific leads where all new cases are discussed at fortnightly or monthly MultiDiscplinary Meetings (MDMs). Further information about these meetings can be found at the CanNet Victoria Multidisciplinary Team Meeting Directory website. All haematology patients are offered up-to-date evidence-based treatment options together with the latest therapy options through an active clinical trials portfolio.

The General Haematology and Thrombosis (non-malignant) private clinic provides services for the assessment and diagnostic investigation of haematology and Thrombosis (non-malignant) conditions, such as thrombosis/bleeding, cytopenias, myeloproliferative syndromes, iron deficiency/haemochromatosis.

The Haematology Clinic holds a fortnightly multidisciplinary cancer meeting to discuss and plan the treatment of patients with a haematology malignancy. Further information about this meeting can be found at the NEMICS website

Clinic  Clinic Locations 
General Haematology

Eastern Health Box Hill 

Eastern Health Maroondah 

Malignant Haematology Eastern Health Box Hill 
Myeloma & Amyloidosis Eastern Health Box Hill 
Obstetrics Haematology Eastern Health Box Hill 
Lymphoma Eastern Health Box Hill 

Patients will be triaged according to their presenting problem and where possible, offered an appointment in a clinic location closest to their home address (subject to appointment availability and waiting times).

Information is available on HealthPathways Melbourne for assistance in managing your patient’s condition. This includes what investigations you need to perform prior to referring to a specialist and what information you need to include in the referral.  If you require login access to HealthPathways, contact [email protected].

Please continue to refer Haematology conditions as per clinical assessment and need.

For referral information, including how to refer electronically, see Specialist (Outpatients) Clinics.

If your patient’s condition deteriorates, please send an updated referral via HealthLink SmartForms selecting the Referral Continuation “Amended referral/update previously sent referral” with additional clinical information. 

Emergency cases should be sent to the Emergency Department.