The Community Access Unit receives and processes patient referrals from both Eastern Health and non-Eastern Health referrers, such as GPs, for numerous different clinics, such as SACS (Subacute Ambulatory Care Services) programs and community HARP (Hospital Admission Risk Program).

The unit provides advice and support to patients/clients and referrers wishing to access Eastern Health services.

The Community Access Unit will process and prioritise referrals based on the referred-to clinic/s eligibility criteria.

Therefore, before referring, please review the eligibility criteria for the clinic/s you wish to refer to.

Complete the Ambulatory care and community services referral form using black ink and legible writing.

Please note there are instructions available at the above link to support your referral. You may also contact the Community Access Unit to discuss referral options prior to making a referral, or to check on the progress of your referral.

Eastern Health Peter James


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Ph: (03) 9881 1100
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8:30am – 5:00pm

Monday – Friday

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re welcome to contact the Community Access Unit to confirm if a referral has been received for you and the status of that referral.

GP or medical/clinical referral is preferred as many clinics require involvement from the GP to both create a detailed referral (often including diagnostic test results) and to manage the recommendations put in place following assessment by the clinic.

No, it is a separate department that receives referrals and registers the patient/client to Eastern Health. Access Unit staff have a broad knowledge of both Eastern Health and other services/clinics and will direct referrals to the most appropriate service in consultation with the referrer and/or the patient/client.