Secondary Consultations 

We recognise supporting external agencies is a core part of the services we provide. Secondary consultations aim to build the skills, knowledge, confidence and capacity for external agencies to work with children and young people experiencing mental health problems.  To support this, we offer regular, contracted and single secondary consultations to a range of agencies across the Eastern Metropolitan Region. 

Requests to establish a secondary consultation can be made by contacting the Infant, Child and Youth Access Team on 1300 721 927 (Option 2). 

Community Professional Education Seminars 

We regularly host Community Professional Education Seminars to the education, health and welfare sectors, to increase their capacity to respond to and support infants, children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties. 

A small number of bespoke seminars for individual agencies in the eastern metropolitan region can also be organised on a range of mental health topics, pending resource availability. 

All seminars have a small fee attached. 

For a copy of the Community Seminar Program or, for further information please email: [email protected] 

Youth Mental Health First Aid training (YMHFA) 

YMHFA is a 2-day training offered by our Infant, Child and Youth Mental Health Service for professionals working with youth in the eastern metropolitan region and provides participants with: 

  • the skills in recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health problems in children, adolescents and young adults 
  • knowledge of the possible risk factors for these mental health problems 
  • awareness of the evidenced based medical, psychological, and alternative treatments available 
  • skills in how to give appropriate initial help and support someone experiencing a mental health problem 
  • skills in how to take appropriate action if a crisis arises involving suicidal behaviour, panic attack, stress reaction to trauma, overdose or threatening psychotic behaviour. 

On completion of the training, participants will be accredited Youth Mental Health First Aiders. 

There is a charge of $300 per 2-day course. 

Please email all enquiries to:  [email protected]