Welcome to the 2023-2025 Eastern Health Strategic Plan.

A roadmap for our future together.

Working Together Towards 2025 – Eastern Health Strategic Plan 2023-2025 (PDF, 1.8MB)

Titled ‘Working Together Towards 2025,’ the plan includes a promise – ‘Healthier Together’ – ensuring we consider the incredible breadth of people that interact with our services each day.

We also describe how we are going to do this – through our ‘Values in Action’ – the behaviours that matter most.

And we list four Strategic Goals – from which stem our focus areas for the years ahead.

Our plan is not just about serving the growing and changing needs of our community.

But also about the care and development of our staff – the very essence of Eastern Health.

Thank you to the more-than 2,000 people who provided incredibly valuable feedback in the formulation of our plan – your insight is truly appreciated.

Our promise ‘Healthier Together’ is to our communities, patients, consumers and staff. Bolder than a vision for the future, our promise calls us to action. We know that working together is the only way we can achieve what is necessary for a healthier future.

At the heart of our strategic plan are our values, the behaviors that matter most.

Through detailed consultation with more than 2000 internal and external people, the values that will allow us to deliver our strategic plan are: Respect for all, Safe Always, Partnering in Care, and Learning and Improving every day.

What do these values mean to you?

Along with our promise and our values in action, the Eastern Health Strategic Plan aims to deliver four strategic goals.