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Shared Maternity Care is a model of care in which a woman is cared for by the hospital and a community-based shared maternity care affiliate, such as a GP. Its aim is to provide high quality community-based care and is appropriate for women who have a low-risk pregnancy. The Shared Maternity GP provides the majority of antenatal and postnatal care, while the hospital manages the birth and immediate postnatal care.

The program is suitable for healthy, low risk women who feel it is important for them to know their carer through the pregnancy. Many women have a long term relationship with their GP and feel more comfortable under their care. The Eastern Health GP shared care program also offers women the opportunity to see a midwife during pregnancy to discuss their hospital stay, breastfeeding, early parenting and to plan for discharge home.

The following documents outline care provision and appropriate referral for women birthing at Eastern Health and are a guide as to which women may be appropriate for shared care and who may require referral for higher risk pregnancies

If you are interested in applying to become a shared care GP with Eastern Health, please contact Dr Penny Gaskell via email at:

GPs who are currently accredited with Eastern Health can refer patients to Maternity bookings who will book the women to an Eastern Health site (Angliss or Box Hill). The allocation is based on where women live, but also on clinical factors. Please ensure that patient contact details are up-to-date.

GPs who are doing shared care through Eastern Health will be listed on the maternity section of the Eastern Health website. Please ensure that you update your practice information as required by contacting GP Liaison Dr Penny Gaskell on

The first visit with the GP should ideally be prior to 10 weeks gestation. This visit should identify known medical, obstetric and/or mental health risk factors that clearly require early assessment. Refer to Guidelines for Consultation and Collaborative Maternity Care Planning for additional information regarding referral to a higher level clinician for consultation.

Click here for booking visit list including antenatal screening tests.

Click here for more information about screening tests

Note: Chlamydia screening (at risk and <25 years) should also be included in antenatal screening.

Women will be given an Eastern Health Maternity Record at their first hospital appointment. This record provides valuable information for you and your patient regarding the schedule of visits and recommended discussions throughout pregnancy.

Each visit, you need to provide a copy of your antenatal notes as well as copies of all pathology and ultrasound reports for the women to carry. In turn, all hospital visits will be recorded on the Birthing Outcome System (BOS) and documentation printed for the record. This record is also a means of communicating between all care providers.

Eastern Health provides birthing services at Angliss and Box Hill hospitals. Women are required to book in via the online booking form. Where possible, women will be booked at their local hospital depending on the care required during pregnancy, care and birth.They will be contacted by telephone and mail within 10 working days. Women can select the “shared care with your GP” option on booking, but not their birthing site. Patients can ring the booking office on 1300 521 319 with any queries.

Referrals can be faxed to 9764 6316. Please ensure that you clearly state “For Shared Maternity Care” on the referral form and ensure the woman’s daytime contact details are correct.

Also advise which pathology tests have been ordered and ideally provide the woman with a copy of all results for her first antenatal visit at the hospital.

Early referral to a level 3 maternity clinician needs to be made if a woman has complex needs and is unsuitable for GP shared care. To make an early referral, a GP can:

  • Fax a referral to the maternity booking office with a request for an early appointment (9764 6316)
  • Email a referral with a request for an early appointment to
  • Make a phone booking requesting an early appointment on 9955 7775 (Medical staff line) or 1300 521 319 (Public line)

If the hospital staff have assessed the patient as no longer suitable for shared care, you will receive a fax from the consultant with an ongoing management plan. If you believe, a patient is no longer suitable for shared care or are uncertain, contact Eastern Health staff for further advice.

If you have any concerns regarding an urgent patient issue, please contact the birth suite where she is booked and ask for a midwife. The midwife can then refer you to the appropriate clinician / area if required.
Angliss Birth Suite 9764 6310
Box Hill Birth Suite 9975 6364
If your patient requires additional hospital visits, these can be arranged by contacting the Ambulatory Services Manager at the booking site.

Eastern Health list of Maternity contacts

Obstetric Medicine works with obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine and general medicine. The Eastern Health Obstetric Medicine Service was established to provide co-ordinated medical input into pre-pregnancy, antenatal and post-natal care of women with medical disorders, risks or complications.

Click here for more information.

The Fetal Maternal Assessment Clinic (FMAC) is available at Box Hill Hospital, Angliss Hospital and Yarra Ranges Health. This clinic provides maternal and fetal surveillance for a variety of concerns in pregnancy (outlined on the referral form under Assessment) by offering CTG, limited ultrasound, pathology collection and observations.
Women requiring Anti D are required to attend FMAC with the result of a recent blood group and antibody result at 28 weeks. No blood test is required prior to the second dose at 34 weeks.
Box Hill offers a limited number of appointments each week for ECV. Women booked at Angliss may attend Box Hill for this procedure. Bookings via Box Hill FMAC are essential.
Clinicians in FMAC are required to complete the referral form with the outcome/recommendation from a woman’s attendance and fax this to your rooms.

Hours of Operation:
Angliss FMAC (Monday - Friday 8.30am- 5.00pm) P: 9759 1865 F: 9764 6193
Box Hill FMAC (Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm) P: 9975 6334 F: 8396 8890

Yarra Ranges Health (Wednesday only 8.00am - 4.30pm) P: 1300 342 255 F: 9091 8899
(Ask for FMAC midwife)

Fetal Maternal Assessment Clinic referral form

Early Pregnancy Assessment Service (EPAS) is available at Box Hill and Angliss hospitals. This service is for women who experience PV bleeding and pain prior to 20 weeks gestation. They must be haemodynamically stable and not at high risk for ectopic pregnancy. Women who do not meet these criteria must attend an Emergency Department.

Service provision is strictly by referral and appointment only.

Hours of Operation:
Angliss Hospital EPAS (Monday - Friday 1.00pm – 3.30pm) P: 9764 6309 F: 9764 6193 Box Hill Hospital EPAS (Monday – Friday 8.30am – 9.30am) P: 9975 6334 F: 8396 8890

EPAS - Early Pregnancy Assessment Service referal form.

Obstetric/Maternity Specialised Clinic Referral Form

This form will assist you in referring:

  • Women with high risk complications that develop in pregnancy
  • Women with abnormal GTT / TFTs requiring Endocrine Clinic.
  • Women with complex social issues, drug and alcohol abuse and/or mental health issues who may benefit from Specialised Maternity Service (SMS)
  • Women with perineal and/or incontinence concerns.