Telephone: Monday – Friday (9.00am – 4.00pm hours) PH 9895 3477

After Hours: Please call the Anatomical Pathologist on call via Business Service Centre on 9975 6100

Specimen Collection

Specimens submitted for cytopathological examination must be labelled and accompanied by a completed and signed request form. Clinical comments are obligatory. All specimens should be forwarded immediately to the pathology laboratory. For a full description of specimen collection and handling requirements, please refer to the Pathology Handbook.

Fine Needle Aspiration

A Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) service is provided – prior booking is essential. Clinicians may wish to perform their own FNA’s – slides and fixative are available on request. For FNA’s of lesions requiring radiological or ultrasound guidance, the procedures should be organised with the Department of Radiology/Medical Imaging.

Cervical Smears

Cervical smears should be performed by trained clinicians. Cervical smear slides, fixatives and spatulae are available from the VCS (PH: 9250 0300). It is imperative that the smear is spray fixed immediately with spray fixative. Smears are routinely referred to the Victorian Cytology Service (VCS) for analysis and it is essential that a VCS request form be completed.

Box Hill Hospital: Place the sample and request in the Green VCS Transport bag located on Level 3, Building A, Womens’ and Childrens’ Specialist Clinic for pick up by the VCS courier.

Other Eastern Health sites: send to the nearest EH Pathology laboratory and this will be sent on to the VCS via Box Hill.

The request form and smear must be clearly labelled with the patient’s name and date of birth. The request form should state the patient’s menstrual status, pregnancy status, exogenous hormone administration and form of contraception used.

The patients’ cervical smear results are routinely forwarded to the Victorian Cervical Cytology Registry (VCCR), which is a computerised registry of patient cervical smears and cervical biopsy results. The VCCR coordinates a computerised recall system.  Patient confidentiality at the VCCR is assured. Patients have the option of not having their results forwarded to the VCCR in which case the request form should be labelled ‘NOT FOR VCCR’.