Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Update

Friday, April 03, 2020

Staff illness, COVID-19 exposure, travel and attending work (PDF, 690KB)

COVID-19 All Staff Daily update

Provided by – Karen Fox – Incident Commander

Thursday 3rd April 2020 – 6:00pm

Status update:

Number of positive COVID-19 cases in Victoria: 1085

Number of positive COVID-19 cases in Australia: 5224

Updated/New information – in brief:

  • Thanks to all those involved in delivering the screening process which commenced this week.  This is compulsory for all staff before commencing work each day and is aligned to the DHHS requirement. While there may be a small inconvenience for all of us to answer a few short questions and receive a temperature check, it is all aimed at providing a safe work environment.
  • Included in providing a safe work environment is the implementation of social distancing requirements that are outlined in the Pandemic Response Social Distancing Guideline For Patients, Staff and Community. Please continue to avoid groups of people congregating for face to face meetings and informal catch ups for coffee.
  • One of the major areas for planning is ensuring our surge capacity is as ready as it can be. Whilst it is impossible to absolutely predict what the demand will be, we are committed to being as ready as possible for any increase in demand. Read more about Eastern Health planning update below.
  • 1000 Influenza vaccines have been delivered to EH. Commencing Monday 6th April, 2020 the Flu Fighters will be prioritising our RACS facilities to vaccinate all staff including visiting staff during this first week. All staff within Residential Care must be vaccinated by May 1, 2020. Further information will be provided next week as we strive for a 100% vaccination rate in 2020.
  • “Behind the Scenes Shout Out” to everyone who is covering someone else’s role while they are working in Incident Command. It is fabulous to see everyone-stepping up to make sure that our business as usual carries on during this challenging time so that we continue to deliver safe, high quality care
  • As we continue to provide you with the most relevant and up to date information regarding COVID-19, there will be no staff email over the weekend unless there is some urgent information that needs to be communicated.
  • The next staff email will be sent to you in the afternoon of Monday 6th April.