Masks are Back

Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Masks are Back

In response to increasing COVID-19 infections in the community reflected in our staff furlough numbers as well an inpatient and community service demand, we have reviewed our settings and are updating requirements:

Non-clinical Settings

  • Masks are now required in non-patient accessible areas
    • Minimum standard - surgical masks
    • If in a single office with the door shut mask may be removed
    • Where multiple people from the same workgroup are gathering in a space and physical distancing cannot be maintained; the use of an N95 Mask is strongly recommended.  
    • Supply of N95 Masks will be made available to Non-clinical areas (Most common fit)
    • Please order N95 masks via FMIS in line with fit testing mask recommendations. Fit testing for all staff can be booked via iLearn.
    • If non-clinical staff have not undergone fit testing, orders can be placed for Trident and Aura masks as most common best fits.
    • If unsure contact for any queries.
  • Visitor restrictions and entry requirements remain unchanged

End of year gatherings

As we approach the end of the year many teams will be looking to join together to acknowledge the challenges of the year and celebrate achievements together.

With the increase in community circulating virus, we ask that managers consider the following in planning your celebrations whether held on site or in private settings:

  • Plan to gather in outdoor venues where possible
  • Consider the impact on your service if the event was to seed an outbreak within your team and have a ‘Plan B’ for service provision
  • Gathering in shared spaces and particularly eating together, masks off, have been the source of a number of team furloughs over the past year