e-screening for COVID-19

Monday, March 30, 2020

Updated 22 May 2020

Eastern Health is using REDCAPs, a digital online survey to initially screen patients who may require testing for COVID-19.  The screening tool will enable management of a large volume of people who may need screening.

The process:

  • People presenting at the BHH COVID-19 Screening Clinic or EH Emergency Departments will be directed to use a QR code or URL to undertake the survey (you can also use this at home/work)
  • Based on results people will be directed to either go home or to progress to the Screening clinic for review and/or screening
  • Relevant COVID-19 consumer information is automatically sent via SMS/email according to screening result

The survey is available here: https://redcap.easternhealth.org.au/surveys/ using code R44XXAYK4