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Governance Fees

ERM (Ethical Review Manager) Submissions

  • Ethical Review Manager (ERM) (New Governance/Ethics Submissions, formerly Online Forms)
  • For ERM assistance please refer to https://www.clinicaltrialsandresearch.vic.gov.au/ethical-review-manager where you will find help, training and a copy of the Application User Guide which will take you through ERM including:
    - Creation of New ERM Accounts (Section 1)
    - New and Post Approval Submissions
    - Legacy Application Replacement Form (LARF - For studies not registered on ERM) (Section 12).
    - Progress Reporting (Section 15)
  • Annual and Final Reporting of research is to be submitted via ERM only, previous forms are now obsolete and cannot be accepted. Assistance with reporting can be found within Section 15 of the Applicant User Guide.

Level of Research Risk (A guide to the pathway your activity may take)

Quality Assurance and Audit Activities

All Quality Assurance and Audit Activities are now submitted only via Ethical Review Manager (ERM), previous form is now obsolete and cannot be accepted. Information regarding ERM, including new accounts and use can be located above under ERM (Ethical Review Manager) Submissions.

Low or Negligible Risk Research

Research Requiring Review Greater Than Low Risk

Case Reports

Post Approval Submissions

(All relevant documents are to be submitted to ethics@easternhealth.org.au)

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