Our Consultants

Expert reporting and consultation is provided by our team of pathologists and consultants.

Eastern Health Pathologists are highly regarded by their peers and participate in internal and external quality assurance programs with excellent results. Some of our Pathology professionals include;

Anatomical Pathology

  • Dr Patrick Hosking
  • Dr Richard Bunter
  • Dr Shaun Monagle
  • Dr Anthony Longano
  • Dr Karen Talia
  • Dr Metta MacNeil
  • Dr Andrea Cretney
  • Dr Julee H’ng
  • Dr Daniel McKay
  • Dr Eileen Fong


  • Dr  Marija Borosak
  • Dr Sukanya Roy
  • Dr Catherine Fong

Infectious Diseases

  • Dr Amalie Wilke

Chemical Pathology

  • Dr. Ann Read

If you wish to contact our consultants, please contact the Box Hill Laboratory P: 9895 3473