Spectrum is a Victorian statewide service that supports and works with local mental health services to provide treatment for people with personality disorder.

Spectrum offers a range of services including:

  • Specialist treatment to the small number of people for whom a specialist service is most appropriate. Over many years, we have developed expertise in treating people with personality disorders, especially BPD. This expertise includes working with people with complex care needs, working with significant clinical risk, as well as offering treatment in several evidence-based approaches.
  • Training of mental health professionals
  • Secondary consultations to other service providers to enable them to support people with personality disorders. (When supported, skilled service providers outside of Spectrum can offer the vast majority of services).
  • Face-to-face psycho-education and support for people with personality disorders and their families and friends. We also have some capacity to support other services to offer such resources.
  • Sector leadership to enhance supports for people with personality disorders.
  • Research into personality disorders to help inform and develop best practice
  • Advocacy for the needs of Victorians with personality disorder, their families and carers, and for improved resourcing of the mental health system that provides treatment and support.

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