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When people come to Eastern Health Mental Health Services they can expect to be treated as an individual. Their time with our services is seen as a series of moments forming part of that person’s journey as they learn to master their own recovery.

We have applied the lens of the National Recovery Framework to all of our policy and programs.

All of our mental health staff are trained in the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM) and can offer a suite of useful skills and tools that support people as they explore the elements of their own recovery journey.

Our in-patient units are using “Safewards” which is a positive and proactive model of care to reduce restrictive interventions and reduce conflict and containment.

Carers are key supports for people who are experiencing mental ill-health. We acknowledge that carers need to be listened to and supported to continue in this important role. Carers are encouraged to focus on their own self-care.                               


What does ‘recovery’ mean?

Personal ‘recovery’ is defined as ‘being able to create and live a meaningful and contributing life with or without the presence of mental health issues.’

Recovery is about the whole of your life, not just your symptoms. It involves:

  • finding hope, being OK with yourself
  • being able to bounce back when things get tough
  • having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life
  • making and keeping friends
  • building healthy relationships with people in your community
  • being able to manage your life.
  • finding a new normal
  • getting back to life

It is acknowledged that recovery is personal and means different things to different people.

Your recovery will be driven and designed by you with the support from the mental health service and we will work together in developing your recovery plan.

What is a ‘recovery plan’?

A mental health recovery plan is a plan designed by you to help you

  • work out what sort of life you want to lead
  • work out what you can do to get there
  • find solutions to your challenges to recovery
  • keep track of changes in your mental health
  • identify and manage things that might make your mental state worse (‘triggers’)

For example, you might decide you want to live on your own, find a part-time job, or re-connect with your family. Together with your supports, you can work out how best to get what you want, and how to get help along the way. Our Mental Health Program staff here at Eastern health are all trained in the Collaborative Recovery Model which aims to support people with their recovery planning.

How long does recovery take?

The majority of people who are diagnosed with a mental illness recover, but it can be difficult to predict how long it will take as this is a very individual process and will naturally vary for different people. The recovery plan will help you identify how you are progressing in your goals for recovery.

How do I get help with my recovery?

Eastern Health Mental Health Service offers help for people when they are finding it challenging to manage their own safety and/or the safety of those around them when their mental health is not so good. Once you are beginning to master your safety again our staff can help you to continue your recovery journey by connecting you with other supports and services to suit your individual needs.

An important source of support in your recovery is through family and friends, and rebuilding and keeping connections with your community groups.

Finding a good GP who can be on the recovery journey with you is important and helps to make sure someone is always there for you.

We do not provide any walk in services. Access to the Mental Health Program is via Triage on 1300 721 927.


Level 1, Upton House, 131 Thames St, Box Hill


PH: (03) 8396 3504 for Recovery Project


Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Car Parking
2 hours meter car parking
Public Transport
Train to Box Hill Station then bus service to hospital

Eligibility Criteria

Eastern Health Mental Health Program provides clinical services to people who require support to manage their safety and/or the safety of those around them. All of our staff are trained in the Collaborative Recovery Model and take a hopeful, strength based and person-centred approach to the work.

Referral Information 

All service access requests can be made by calling 1300 721 927.
Child and Youth Services (CYMHS) - 0-25 years
Adult services – 18-65 years
Aged Person’s services – 65 plus
Young people between 16 and 25 years may access either CYMHS or Adult services


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