When people come to Eastern Health Mental Health Services they can expect to be treated as an individual. Their time with our services is seen as a series of moments forming part of that person’s journey as they learn to master their own recovery.

We have applied the lens of the National Recovery Framework to all of our policy and programs.

All of our mental health staff are trained in the Collaborative Recovery Model (CRM) and can offer a suite of useful skills and tools that support people as they explore the elements of their own recovery journey.

Our in-patient units are using “Safewards” which is a positive and proactive model of care to reduce restrictive interventions and reduce conflict and containment.

Carers are key supports for people who are experiencing mental ill-health. We acknowledge that carers need to be listened to and supported to continue in this important role. Carers are encouraged to focus on their own self-care.                               



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