Mental Health and Wellbeing Transformation Plan - 8 Priority Areas

Transformation PlanThe Department of Health (DoH) has provided Eastern Health with initial funding to address eight key priorities over the next three years. Consultation is now occurring for Eastern Health to develop its own Transformation Plan to ensure successful delivery of the eight priority areas:

1. People with lived and living experience of mental ill health will be embedded in the leadership, design and delivery of Eastern Health’s Mental Health Services.

2. Two clear aged-based service streams will be developed:

  • Infant, Child and Youth for Victorians aged 0-25
  • Adult and Older Adult for Victorians aged 26 years and older

3. An initial boost of funding  will be used to increase the number of clinical staff in existing mental health services in order to meet growing demand.

4. Delivering more services outside of standard business hours to provide increased access to treatments and support.

5. More opportunities for our mental health clinicians to provide primary consultation, secondary consultation and shared care.

6. Forming a partnership with a non-government organisation that provides wellbeing supports, to recognise and support relationships between social factors and a person’s mental health and wellbeing.

7. Linking mental health care and services to alcohol and other drugs treatment, care and supports with a ‘no wrong door’ approach.

8. Support the establishment of 50-60 new Local Adult and Older Adult Mental Health and wellbeing services across Victoria over the next six years. As these services are developed and established, Eastern Health will be ready to support and work with them.