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All Programs Referral Form

23 percent of children live in households where at least one parent has a mental illness. A range of complex issues mean that these families don't often get the support they need.

Eastern Health's Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness (FaPMI) program works with agencies in Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne for better outcomes for these families through:

  • Collating services and programs run in the Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne
  • Web based information and resources for families
  • Providing training, resources and secondary consultation for professionals and agencies that come into contact with families where a parent has a mental illness
  • Providing systems consultation for agencies

The Eastern Health Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness (FaPMI) Program works closely with the Australian government funded National COPMI (Children of Parents with a Mental Illness) Initiative.

As a parent you need support for yourself as well as for your family. Giving age appropriate information regularly to children and young people helps them not to develop worries. Children can play a supportive role for parents and it is important that they know how to access support networks when needed.

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As a child or a young person who has a parent with a mental illness you may at times experience worries and it helps to have information about your parent's illness. We know that many of you provide a supportive role and it is important that you understand how to access support networks when you need them.

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Families where a parent has a mental illness come into contact with a wide variety of service systems. All have a part to play to build better outcomes. Below are some links to tools and resources  that can help your service system be more responsive

  • VicChamps  was a state funded three-year project that created the foundation for the FaPMI strategy. The project’s history and evaluation documents can be found here.
  • COPMI has resources tailored to specific settings (e.g. early childhood/ schools/ inpatient mental health etc.)
  • Training resources



Frequently Asked Questions

Our team works with the network of mental health agencies in the Eastern Region who directly work with patients and families, supporting them with workforce development, systems and procedure development, secondary/tertiary consultations and facilitating partnerships for service delivery. Eastern Health FaPMI co-ordinates some programs for children of parents with a mental illness called CHAMPS.

  • Specialist mental health services
  • Child Youth and Family Services
  • Alcohol and other drug services
  • Early Years and Perinatal Support
  • Universal services i.e local government, community health and youth services.
  • Families and carers

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