Services we offer

CYMHS offers a number of services including:

  • Urgent assessment appointments
  • Community case management
  • Early Treatment for psychosis
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Adolescent Day Program
  • Intensive Mobile Treatment and case management
  • Avenues Education
  • Community Seminar Groups for carers and community groups across the region
  • Mental health promotion
  • Consultation and liaison with other health workers and agencies

Most CYMHS clients are seen in one of our community clinics, much as they would if they were visiting a GP. Important people in our client's life, such as parents and siblings, may also be invited to be involved. Often we also liaise with the school to assist with our client's school experience.

There are two early psychosis teams, one at Ringwood and one at Box Hill. They see young people aged 0-25 for early treatment and support with psychosis. The teams run a two year treatment program and will come and see you at home or meet you at a clinic to help you manage your symptoms. Important people in your life are invited to join us in helping you and we can liaise with school, college or work if you would like us to .

Clients who may need more intensive assessment and treatment may benefit from a stay at our inpatient unit for a period of time. The unit can arrange a stay for as little as one day up to several weeks or more. The unit is a safe environment, shared with other similar aged peers and in which young people work with mental health professionals in individual and group programs.

The Day Program provides an opportunity to attend a program several days a week with a group of young people to develop coping skills and a sense of social responsibility. The program is staffed by both mental health professionals and teachers to offer young people both a therapeutic and an educational focus during the the program. Young people accepted onto the Groupworx Program must be recipients of community case management.

The Intensive Mobile Treatment Team (IMTT) is an intensive outreach service for young people in our community. IMTT clinicians are happy to meet with clients in a way and in a place that makes seeing a worker from CYMHS easy. Going out for coffee, getting something to eat or just having a chat on the way home from college or school are some of the ways IMTT work with young people. IMTT clinicians also work hard to make sure that the people in their client's life that make decisions about them are mindful of a young person's Mental Health.

The Community Engagement Team focuses on building mutually supportive relationships between CYMHS, consumers and carers as well as other community agencies and services. Activities include mental health promotion, consultation, training and liaison with services that provide specialist support to highly vulnerable children and young people.