Additional Community Programs and Services

Youth Engagement and Treatment Team Initiative (YETTI)

In 2017 CYMHS welcomed the commencement of the Youth Engagement and Treatment Team Initiative (YETTI).  This team, contracted by Eastern Melbourne Primary Healthcare Network, provides mental health support and treatment to young people aged 12 - 25 years of age and their families/carers who do not meet the criteria for tertiary mental health care but whose needs are greater than can be provided by primary health.   

YETTI provide consultations to healthcare workers such as General Practitioners and community supports, as well as offer outreach case management to young people who are at risk of developing a serious mental illness.

YETTI work with people at service sites such as headspace, as well as within the home and school environments. YETTI focus on supporting young people with their mental health wellbeing, and assist to build confidence in their everyday functioning such as in work, study and relationships.