What can I expect during my stay?

We value the fact that recovery is a unique and a personal journey.


On admission

Nursing staff will provide you with an orientation to the Inpatient unit. We will aim from the beginning of your admission to work in partnership with yourself, your family or carer, primary care provider or community team supports throughout your time in Hospital.


Holistic approach

We consider individual needs including age, gender, religion and cultural diversity. Our team will work together with you to offer the best available treatment for your mental and physical health to assist you in your recovery.



We also encourage autonomy and collaboration as we believe that they are key elements of recovery. The following staff may be involved in in your care- Psychiatrists, Doctors, Nurses, Social workers, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists including Carer and Consumer Peer Support workers.


Therapeutic Activities

There are programs on the ward that offer a range of different therapeutic activities which vary depending on people’s needs and interests. These may include coffee on the couch, recovery discussion group, mindfulness sessions, walking groups, art therapy and music therapy. Your physical health needs will also be met with the support of clinical, medical, and nursing staff to support your overall wellbeing.

Discharge is planned and organised in conjunction with the patient and their family/carers as soon as this is possible.


Adult Inpatient Unit Brochure (PDF, 919KB)