Inpatient Services - IPU1 & IPU2

These services provide voluntary and involuntary short-term inpatient management during an acute phase of mental illness until sufficient recovery allows the person to be treated effectively in a community-based setting.

Sometimes people need to be cared for in hospital. Acute inpatient units provide treatment for people with a serious mental illness on a short-term basis. Many of these units are located with acute general hospitals. These services provide short-term, inpatient treatment and support until people are well enough for effective, community-based treatment. Prior to being admitted to an inpatient service, people are assessed by a CATT service member.

IPU1 & IPU 2

Maroondah Hospital, Ground Floor, Grey Street, Ringwood East

P (03) 9955 1115 (Business Hours)
IPU1 (03) 9955 1116 (After Hours)
IPU2 (03) 9955 1144 (After Hours)


By Appointment Only