Inpatient Unit helpful information

What personal items and belongings can I bring?
We want you to be comfortable during your stay however certain items are not safe to have on the unit. In the interest of the safety & security of your belongings, we ask that your family/visitors please take any unpermitted items or items of personal value home with them.

We can supply basic toiletries until visitors can bring your own in.

You can use your mobile phone (unless your psychiatrist has specifically requested otherwise). There is a re charge docking station available to recharge your phone. Please do not take photographs, voice recordings or videos to maintain everyone’s privacy.

All public hospitals inpatient units are a smoke free environment.

Cigarettes, alcohol and illicit substances and their use are not permitted in the Unit. If you are concerned about addiction we can offer alterative replacement therapies during your stay and can also discuss ways to connect into alcohol and other drug support services.



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Family Room

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What does that word mean?

Helpful explanation of commonly used  words: Mental health Glossary (PDF, 204KB)

Important Information for you to know (PDF, 32.3MB)