Rapid Access Lung Lesion Clinic

The Rapid Access Lung Lesion Clinic at Eastern Health is for adults who require specialist opinion and management of a suspicious lung lesion. The clinic provides multidisciplinary care including diagnosis and treatment. All new patients are discussed at weekly multidisciplinary meetings attended by a full range of lung cancer experts in addition to the members of the treating team.

Information for Consumers

Bring a list of current medications, any blood test results, CT scans or x-rays you have to the first appointment.

You may need a number of tests to obtain a diagnosis. The more common tests are outlined below. Your specialist will discuss with you which tests you will require.

  • CT scan A CT scan uses x-ray beams to take 3 dimensional pictures inside your body. For a CT scan you will need to lie flat on a table for about 10 minutes. The scan is painless.
  • PET scan – You will be injected with a solution then will need to wait for about 30-90 minutes for the fluid to go through your body. You will then lie flat on a table for about 30 minutes while the scan is taken. The scan is painless.
  • Biopsy
    - Fine needle aspiration – A CT scanner will be used by the doctor to identify the best area for the biopsy and a fine needle will be inserted through your chest wall and a small biopsy will be taken.
    - Bronchoscopy – for this procedure you will be given sedation and a local anaesthetic will be sprayed onto the back of your throat to numb it. The doctor will then insert a flexible tube into your nose or mouth and down your windpipe. During the procedure, the doctor will take a sample.
    - Endobronchial Ultrasound – similar procedure to a bronchoscopy however a small ultrasound probe is on the end of the bronchoscope as well.
  • Respiratory Function Tests – the test involves breathing into a mouthpiece, which is connected to a small machine via some tubing. The testing shows how well your lungs are working.

Information for Health Professionals

All referrals to be faxed to 9839 6733. The referrals will be triaged and an appointment allocated. The patient will be notified of their appointment details via phone. Please indicate if an interpreter is required.

Please ensure you provide details of all relevant investigations with the referral. A CT chest is required and the results need to accompany the referral.

If you have any further queries please contact the Respiratory Registrar on 1300 342 255.

  • Cavitating lung lesion
  • Suspicious lung mass shown on CT scan
  • Pulmonary nodules > 1 cm
  • Enlarged mediastinal and/or hilar lymph nodes
  • Significant unilateral pleural effusion

Estimated time lines for initial patient appointment

In most instances, patients with conditions list above will be seen in the next clinic.

Useful resources

Cancer Council of Victoria has developed a consumer information sheet for lung cancer. Click here to download.

HealthPathway - further information can be found at by reviewing the HealthPathways for Lung Cancer – suspected and  Lung Cancer – established.
Access to HealthPathways Melbourne is limited to health professionals.  To request access please email


Angliss Hospital


Chandler House, 14 Albert Street, Upper Ferntree Gully


P:  9764 6118


Wednesday 9am – 12pm

Car parking/public
2 hour street parking. Train to Upper Ferntree Gully, bus service to hospital (Route 732)

Box Hill Hospital


Specialist Clinic, Level 3, Building B, Nelson Street, Box Hill


P: 9895 4852


Friday 2pm – 5pm

Car parking/public

Paid parking available in the Building A carpark, accessible via Rodgerson Road

2 hour metered street parking available

Train to Box Hill Station, bus service to hospital

Maroondah Hospital


Specialist Clinic, Ground Floor, Davey Drive, Ringwood East


P:  9871 3372


Tuesday 1pm – 4pm

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2 hour metered car parking, paid hospital parking also available

Train to East Ringwood, bus service to hospital (route 380)