Eastern Clinical Research Unit (ECRU) - Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinical Trials

The Eastern Clinical Research Unit (ECRU) is part of the Eastern Health Clinical School, Monash University. Doctors from the Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit at Eastern Health run the clinical trials at ECRU, together with research nurses and support staff.

ECRU is committed to being part of world-class clinical research. One of the ways to achieve this is to participate in clinical trials of new medications for treating diabetes and other disorders. Clinical trials are essential to the development of new medications. Without clinical trials, we cannot properly determine whether new medicines developed in the laboratory or by using animal models are effective or safe. To find out more about what clinical trials are, please click here.

ECRU has been conducting clinical trials since 1995. Over this time, ECRU has successfully completed hundreds of trials for diabetes, weight loss, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease, which have led to the availability of these new medications to the Australian public.

ECRU has a professional, highly organised team dedicated to the care and wellbeing of all our clinical trial participants. ECRU is a unique facility in Melbourne, highly sought out by pharmaceutical companies, which in turn means ECRU can offer potential benefits of new therapies to patients.

Principal Investigators

  • Professor Christopher Gilfillan
  • A/Professor Richard Simpson 


  • Dr Mina Mohammed Ebrahim


  • Joanne Phillips

Study Coordinators

  • Vanessa Viola
  • Gabrielle Garner
  • Carolyn Harris

Start-Up & Ethics

  • Andriana Chronopoulos 


  • Leanne Auchterlonie 
  • Jenny Bennett 

Recruitment Coordinator

  • Joan Green 

1. Can a diabetes medication reduce heart problems?
A particular diabetes tablet called Ertugliflozion works by making you pee more sugar into the urine so you’re not absorbing as much sugar into your bloodstream. The purpose of this study is to assess the cardiovascular safety of this tablet.

2. The DELIGHT Study
Dapagliflozin also makes you pee more sugar into the urine so you’re not absorbing as much sugar into your bloodstream. Another diabetes tablet called Saxagliptin increases insulin secretion, and therefore reduces blood sugar levels. This study looks at which of these medications works better.

3. The STRENGTH Study
Epanova is like a fish-oil concentrate. This study looks at whether adding Epanova to cholesterol-lowering treatments (statin drugs) can further reduce future heart problems.

4. The DECLARE Study
A diabetes tablet called Dapagliflozion works by making you pee more sugar into the urine so you’re not absorbing as much sugar into your bloodstream. This study looks at the cardiovascular safety of this tablet.

Participants like you are vital in assisting us to research new medications. Involvement may include as little as blood donations or non-invasive medical procedures such as an electrocardiogram (ECG), through to more involved procedures.

You will find it a rewarding experience as you will not only be assisting researchers in our endeavours to find new and improved treatments for diabetes, but you will also gain more knowledge about your own health and have your diabetes monitored regularly by our specialised team.

Participation is voluntary and you may withdraw at any time. All research projects are approved by a Human Research and Ethics Committee before commencing.You will not be paid for your involvement in these studies; however you will be reimbursed for travel expenses associated with participating in studies.

Below are comments from one of our valued volunteers:

"I have been a participant in two clinical trials at ECRU. This involves several short visits throughout the year, during which medical checks are undertaken to gauge and monitor one’s progress in the trial.The ECRU people are quite exceptional in carrying out their professional duties with great care, friendliness and a healthy dose of humour. I wholeheartedly endorse the valuable work done at ECRU and would encourage others to offer to take part in such trials," John.

Please call Joan on 9094 9520 or email  and we will let you know if you are eligible for any of our studies.



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