Eastern Cognitive Disorders Clinic (ECDC)

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The Eatsern Cognitive Disorders Clinic (ECDC) is a national referral centre for the clinical assessment of patients with atypical, genetic and young onset dementia, including early Alzheimer’s disease. It is also a specialist centre for frontotemporal dementia and for language onset dementias.

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Patients will be mailed questionnaires to complete prior to the appointment. There is paperwork to be completed by both patient and carer/family member/friend, therefore both sets of contact information will be required. 

Information for Health Professionals

 Eligibility criteria:

• Adult
• Suspected progressive cognitive decline
• Patient or family concern about cognition or behaviour
• May have associated neurological symptoms or signs
• Not known or overt psychiatric illness

Referral information:

The following needs to be provided:
• contact information including mandatory details for a carer, family member or other informant
• detailed medical history and medications
• prior investigation results
• hard copies or CD/DVD of brain imaging tests as we need to inspect

Frequently Asked Questions

We see people with atypical cognitive syndromes, especially if they have pre-existing or associated neurological problems, or if they are language- and behavioural-onset. We see younger patients than normal, with many people in their 50s and 60s. Patients presenting with gradual memory decline aged above 65 years should generally be referred to the Eastern Health Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service (CDAMS).

No, we do not see paediatric patients.



Box Hill Hospital

Level 2, Building B, Nelson St, Box Hill

P: 9895 3353 or 9895 3352

F: 9895 4852 

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Tuesday morning and afternoon 

All day Thursday

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  • Paid parking available in the Building A carpark, accessible via Rodgerson Road
  • Limited metered street parking available
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Train to Box Hill station, bus service to hospital