General Neurology Clinics


Information about EEG

Information about Nerve Conduction Studies and EMG


Neurology Referral Criteria

Referrals to this service are assessed against the Statewide Referral Criteria and will be declined if the criteria are not met. For all other Neurology conditions, please continue to refer as per clinical assessment and need.

Epilepsy and seizures


Motor weakness or paraesthesia

Movement disorders and dystonia

Stroke or transient ischaemic attack

Vertigo (neurology)

• General neurology clinics are held at Box Hill Hospital and Maroondah Hospital three times per week.
• Clinics are held at Maroondah Hospital on Monday and Tuesday and at Box Hill Hospital on Tuesday and Thursday.
• These clinics see a range of neurological problems which are not seen in our sub-specialty clinics (MS clinic, Epilepsy and 1st Seizure clinic, Stroke and TIA clinic, Movement Disorders and Botox clinic)
• Patients generally seen in these clinics include those with nerve or muscle disorders, headache, unexplained weakness or sensory symptoms.
• Professor Helen Dewey is the head of this clinic and all referrals should be made to her.

Our doctors:

• Professor Helen Dewey
• Professor Chris Bladin
• Dr Katherine Buzzard
• Dr Patrick Carney
• Dr Philip Choi
• Dr Poh-Sien Loh
• Dr Olga Skibina

Information for Health Professionals

Eligibility criteria

• Any adult patient with neurological symptoms who does not meet the criteria for the neurology sub-specialty clinics.
• We do not see children below 15 years of age. Please refer to general paediatrics.
• Children aged 15-18 years may be appropriate for adult neurology or general paediatrics depending on the clinical circumstances
• We do not see patients for the management of chronic pain in this service including low back pain and spinal pain.
• Patients with carpal tunnel syndrome should be referred directly to plastics or neurosurgery following nerve conduction studies.
• Patients with typical Bell’s Palsy can be managed according to current guidelines and do not need to be referred to general neurology clinic.


Please make all referrals to Professor Helen Dewey, general neurology clinic. Referrals will be triaged to insure appropriate timing of review and the optimal clinic for the patient referred.

Frequently Asked Questions