Sleep Laboratory

Eastern Health Sleep Services is a NATA accredited service with a six bed state-of-the-art Sleep Laboratory at Box Hill Hospital.

Each of our six single patient rooms has a private ensuite, with toilet and shower facilities. We endeavour to do our best to put patients at ease during their sleep study and make it as comfortable an experience as possible.

The Sleep Laboratory is equipped for the comprehensive evaluation of sleep related disorders including:

  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Disordered sleep due to respiratory, cardiac and/or neurological disease

Sleep Laboratory - Information for Health Professionals

Referral Process

General Practitioners are advised to refer patients to a Sleep Specialist in the Outpatients Department for an initial consultation.

Referrals to the Sleep Laboratory are only accepted from recognised Sleep and Respiratory Consultants affiliated with Eastern Health.


1. Diagnostic Nocturnal Polysomnography (Laboratory and Home studies)

2. Therapeutic Nocturnal Polysomnography
- Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
- Bi-Level Therapy
- Supplemental Oxygen

3. Daytime Sleep Study
- Multiple Sleep Latency Test
- Maintenance of Wakefulness Test

4. CPAP Clinic

Sleep Laboratory - Information for Patients

The Sleep Laboratory provides a diagnostic and consultative service for the management of adults with sleep disorders, in particular sleep disordered breathing.
All sleep studies are analysed by highly trained sleep scientists and accredited sleep physicians. The Sleep Laboratory also runs a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) clinic which provides technical support to patients beginning or established on CPAP therapy.

After a Sleep Specialist refers you to the Sleep Laboratory, your sleep study request will be processed and you will be contacted to arrange a booking time in due course.

An overnight sleep study measures electrical activity of the brain, some specific muscles, the heart, breathing, oxygen levels, snoring, and leg movements. It is used to determine wake and sleep, as well as patterns of breathing and limb movements while you are asleep.

There is no need to be apprehensive about undergoing a Sleep Study. The procedure is non-invasive. The Sleep Laboratory features sophisticated monitoring equipment, and is designed to provide you comfort and privacy when undergoing a sleep study.

Once you have settled into your private room in the evening, the staff will spend some time preparing you for the sleep study by applying various electrodes to your head, chest, and legs. These are used to measure and record the various aspects of your sleep, including brain waves and eye, chest, abdominal and leg movements.

During a CPAP study you will also wear a therapeutic mask overnight as a treatment for sleep disordered breathing.

The study is completed in time for you to continue your usual work or other commitments in the morning. You will be discharged by 7am.

For patients requiring an additional daytime test, studies are performed following an overnight sleep study

If you are a public hospital patient, a review appointment will be made for you with your referring physician.

If you are a private patient, you will need to make a follow up appointment with your referring physician.

• Pyjamas
• Toiletries
• Reading material (optional)
• Your current medications
• Your Medicare card

If you are currently on CPAP therapy, please bring your mask and flow generator.

Key Staff

Dr Alan Young MBBS, FRACP, PhD
Director of Sleep Services, Eastern Health

Dr Denise O'Driscoll RPSGT, PhD
Chief Scientist & Laboratory Manager

Box Hill Hospital


Level 5, Building A, 8 Arnold Street, Box Hill


P 9975 6590 (Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm)
F 9975 6685


Overnight studies run Sunday-Thursday

Car Parking
Paid parking available in the Building A carpark, accessible via Rodgerson Road. Limited metered street parking available.
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Train to Box Hill Station

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