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Podiatry brochure (Healesville Hospital and Yarra Valley Health)

The podiatry department of Eastern Health provides podiatry services across the health care network.

Podiatry can assist you with caring for your foot problems:

  • Diabetes foot assessment, treatment and education on foot care
  • Wound management
  • Footwear advice
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Painful feet affecting mobility
  • Prescription of orthotics

Frequently asked questions

This is a centre-based program. If this is not convenient for you, we can discuss alternative community options with you.

You should wear shoes that you regularly wear as it is important for the podiatrist to be able to review these shoes. It would also be helpful to bring in some of your other shoes so that an accurate assessment of your current footwear can be made.

Please bring a list of your current medications including the dosage level. If you have diabetes, bring your blood glucose levels diary.

As the podiatrist will need to see you barefooted it is a good idea to wear socks or half length stockings that are easy to remove.

If you currently wear orthotics or have worn them in the past, it would be helpful to bring them to your appointment.

No, the EPC program is for private podiatry, however information on the program is given to eligible patients.

The cost will vary depending upon the service provided and your income status and will usually be between $0 and $15.

For most sites, yes. To determine if you are eligible to attend podiatry at Eastern Health please contact your preferred site for details.

You will be seen by a qualified podiatrist who will conduct an assessment, and devise a treatment plan suited to your needs.

Eastern Health provides placements for podiatry students who, with consent, may be involved in some consultations.

Due to the nature of the treatment, sharp instruments are sometimes used so there is a small risk of harm occurring.

Many patients experience a reduction in pain due to podiatry intervention but some treatments may cause discomfort at the time.

Box Hill Hospital, Maroondah Hospital, Peter James Centre, Wantirna Health


P: 1300 342 255 or 1300 EH Call


Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm


Healesville Hospital and Yarra Valley Health


377 Maroondah Hwy, Healesville, 3777 


2475 Warburton Hwy, Yarra Junction 3797


P:  1300 342 255     F: 5962 1458  E:


Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm

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