Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Medicare Bulk Billed

The Eastern Health MS Service provides care to people with MS. The service aims to:

  • Provide health care that is focused on the patient and family
  • Strive for excellence, innovation and collaboration in all aspects of care, research and education we deliver
  • Provide access to the most current MS information, research and treatments

We have a multidisciplinary support team that focuses on effective coaching, support and follow up to achieve improved health outcomes for all those we care for.

Our specialist service team includes:

  • Professor Helmut Butzkueven – MS Neurologist
  • Dr Olga Skibina– MS Neurologist
  • Dr Mark Marriott– MS Neurologist
  • Dr Katherine Buzzard - MS Neurologist 
  • Jodi Haartsen – MS Nurse Practitioner
  • Dr Sally Shaw – Psychologist

The Eastern Health MS Service has a number of therapy programs including:

  • Tysabri Service
  • Relapse management service
  • Immunotherapy education and support program

The Eastern Health MS Service has a collaborative relationship with Eastern Clinical Research Unit / Monash University to enhance the participation and development of education and research within the unit.

If you are a person with MS, or a relative/friend who does not have MS but would like to help, and you are interested in participating in MS research please contact

To make an appointment with one of our MS Specialist Neurologists, please contact us on P 9094 9538.

You will need a referral letter from your local general practitioner (GP) or other specialist. This can be faxed to F 9839 6733.

Please bring your Medicare card, any medical scans and any relevant health information.  We encourage family members and friends to come to appointments.

The MS Clinics are held every Thursday afternoon from 1:30pm to 5pm

Research appointments are conducted from ECRU Neurosciences, level 2, 5 Arnold St, Box Hill 3128.

Only under exceptional circumstances will you be seen by a different Neurologist. The MS Clinics are a Medicare, bulk-billed clinic. There are no costs involved.

Level 2, 5 Arnold Street Box Hill, 3128

9094 9538     F  9839 6733


MS Specialist Clinics every Thursday afternoon

MS Nurse clinic Friday

MS Nurse available Mon-Fri office hours

MS Nurse On-call service - 0412 361 377