Health Promotion

The Health Promotion team at Eastern Health works in partnership with the community and other key organisations to enable people to take control of their health. While many Eastern Health services offer treatment and education for individual patients when they get sick, Health Promotion looks at how we can improve health and prevent illness on a community level using best practice frameworks and principles. Our focus is not necessarily on particular diseases. Instead we aim to improve people’s health by focusing our work on the social, economic and environmental conditions that lead to good health.

Health Promotion delivers projects or initiatives in partnership with:

  • Community leaders
  • Local Government
  • Sporting clubs
  • Schools and early childhood centres
  • Community Health services
  • Other organisations outside the health care system

The goal of the Health Promotion team is:
‘To enhance and improve the health of the community in the Eastern Region, Eastern Health staff and consumers through the provision of high quality health promotion action’.

The Health Promotion team is currently working on the 2017-2021 Integrated Health Promotion Plan, which is delivering multiple strategies under two main priority areas.

The full plan can be found here: 2017 to 2021 Health Promotion Plan (DOC, 582KB)

  1. Healthy and Active Living
    • Promoting healthy food and drink choices
    • Enabling environments that support physical activity.
    • Reducing harm from alcohol and other drugs.
  1. Respectful, Resilient and Healthy Communities
    • Building capacity for respectful relationships and the prevention of violence against women.


What have we achieved?

Health Promotion reports annually on the impact and process used in its programs. The links below are to reports that outline the impacts of our work and what we have learned:

A Case Study - Healthy Choices 2016 – 2018 (DOC, 1.5MB)

Evaluation Report - Strengthening Women in the Yarra Valley 2016 – 2017 (DOC, 2.1MB)

Evaluation Report - Be the Change 2017 (DOC. 18MB)

Evaluation Report - Munch n Crunch 2017 (PDF, 6MB)



Leading the Change - AFL Yarra Ranges 2018 (PDF, 500KB) (DOC, 780KB)

Promoting Healthy Masculinities - Eastern Region Roundtable 2019 (PDF, 830KB) (DOC, 345KB)

Raising Resilient Kids - Andrew Fuller 2019 (PDF, 850KB) (DOC, 35KB)

This Girl Can at the Yarra Centre 2019 (PDF, 2.4MB) (DOC, 390KB)

Women Leading Change 2018 (PDF, 151KB) (DOC, 2.1MB)

Yarra Valley Health Promoting Schools Network 2017-19 (PDF, 100KB) (DOC, 24KB)