Spiritual Care

Eastern Health upholds the World Health Organisation’s statement of respect for ‘the uniqueness of each person and the need to respond to each individual's spiritual quest for meaning, purpose and belonging’ (1998). Hence, Eastern Health Spiritual Care team is available to support the spirituality of all patients, residents, their visitors and staff.

Spiritual Care is a general term, which encompasses the many ways in which we pay attention to the spiritual nature of patients, residents, their visitors and staff. For most people, their spirituality will include significant relationships and this may find expression in their involvement in community, religion, the natural environment, art and music.

Hospital admission, witnessing a death or experiencing bereavement may be the first occasion people seriously consider spiritual life, beliefs, faith or absence thereof. If this describes you, a patient or someone else you know, it may be beneficial to speak with someone from the Spiritual Care team; if you are not sure if it would be of help, feel free to contact us anyway. One our team will respond, perhaps ask a few questions and, if you so desire, arrange to meet with you and/or the person concerned.

Please note: Whilst regular visitation is offered to patients and residents across the larger sites, we will at all times respect your right to refuse pastoral care.


  • Spiritual care (sometimes known as pastoral care and chaplaincy)
  • Emotional support
  • Bereavement support, grief and loss counselling
  • Spiritual, religious and sacred texts
  • Ceremonial events and rites
  • Pastoral counselling
  • Blessing and Naming Ceremonies (postnatal)
  • Education and training
  • Religious care (sacraments, prayer, religious ministers)
  • Referral and consultation
  • To further support the spirituality of patients, residents and staff, Eastern Health endeavours to provide appropriate Sacred Spaces for quiet reflection, prayer, small religious services on the larger sites. We ask for your support in kind, through respect for the spirituality of others and these Sacred Spaces.

Locations: Angliss, Box Hill, Healesville Hospital and Yarra Valley Health, Maroondah Hospital, Peter James Centre, Wantirna Health


P: 1300 342 255 (business hours and after hours)


9am to 5pm