Research & Ethics

Research Ethics

For information about different types of research how to submit a research application, refer to the Eastern Health Human Research Ethics Committee Handbook.

All human research projects in Australia must fit with the guiding principles outlined in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research [National Statement]. Projects must be reviewed and approved by a Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) before commencement. A HREC is an independent group of people which assesses research projects to ensure that the interests of research participants are protected and research is designed in a way that is likely to produce meaningful results. Projects are assessed in terms of research merit and integrity, justice, beneficence and respect, as outlined in the National Statement. Any research to be conducted at Eastern Health which has not yet been reviewed by a NHMRC certified HREC can be submitted to Eastern Health HREC for consideration.

All researchers need to be familiar with the National Statement and ensure that their research is conducted according to its guidelines.

The Office of Research and Ethics is responsible for ensuring that research conducted at Eastern Health meets the National Statement guidelines and all Eastern Health governance requirements. The office provides administrative support to the Eastern Health HREC.