Information for the General Public

Eastern Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) is constituted in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (NHMRC 2007).

This means that the HREC consists of the required number of members who fit the recommended criteria as stipulated in the guidelines.

Additionally the Eastern Health Human Research Ethics Committee is certified by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in February 2012. This means that the NHMRC has assessed and deemed the HREC processes as meeting the requirements of the above mentioned National Statement.

Research with a 'Waiver of Consent'

Consent to participate in research must be voluntary, and based on sufficient information and adequate understanding of both the proposed research and the implications of participation in it. The requirement for consent may sometimes be justifiably waived. In this case research participants will characteristically not know that they, or perhaps their tissue or data, are involved in the research.

Only an HREC may grant waiver of consent for research using personal information in medical research, or personal health information.

For the period 1 July 2015 – 30 June 2016 waivers of consent were not requested from Eastern Health HREC.

The Office of Research and Ethics

The Office of Research and Ethics was established in 2010 under the leadership of the inaugural Director of Research. Personnel of the Office provide:

  • administrative support to the Eastern Health Research and Ethics Committee
  • research support to the Eastern Health research community
  • monitoring and governance of on-going research at Eastern Health