ERM (Ethics Review Manager) Submissions

Ethical Review Manager

Our webpages and information are going through some changes over the next few weeks/month due to the implementation of the new ERM (Ethics Review Manager). As of now all new studies must go through ERM
If you previously had an “Online Forms” account the same log in details apply or creation of a new account is a simple process by choosing “new user” at login. Eventually all processing, new and post approval, must be done via ERM. At present we accept any post approval via ERM or email but in the coming weeks ERM will be the only option and any issue with ERM are to be directed to Our guideline processes below will be updated during this time so your patience will be appreciated.

Eastern Health HREC provides ethical approval for research undertaken at Eastern Health.

  1. For information regarding research that is considered more than low risk, review by Eastern Health HREC is required. Please refer to HREC Guidance.
  2. For information regarding research that is considered no more than low risk or negligible risk, expedited review by HREC Sub-Committee is required. Please refer to LNR Guidance.
  3. Researchers seeking governance authorisation for research that has been approved by the Streamlined Ethical Review Process should refer to Governance Guidance.
  4. Audit/Quality Assurance projects should be registered with the Office of Research and Ethics by completing the Audit/Quality Assurance registration forms found on the Quick Links to Forms and Templates page.
  5. Case reports on their own are not considered research and as such do not require ethics approval. By their nature, Case Reports are considered to be of educational value to clinicians. Journals encourage authors to include the patient perspective in the article; therefore, the presentation of the case report will often involve an interaction with the patient. Authors must gain consent from the patient wherever possible using the Case Report Consent Form. Patient details should be de-identified prior to submission for publication. Publication of any personal information about an identifiable living patient requires explicit consent.

All researchers need to be familiar with the National Statement and ensure that their research is conducted according to its guidelines.

The Office of Research and Ethics is responsible for ensuring that research conducted at Eastern Health meets the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research guidelines and all Eastern Health governance requirements. The office provides administrative support to the Eastern Health HREC.

Please email for further information.